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About Elizabeth Todd

Elizabeth Todd ProfileHi there. Welcome to my website. My name is Elizabeth Todd and I am the Founder and CEO of Income Trigger Consulting. I was born in Holland and started my career as an Air Traffic Controller in the Dutch Air Force. Through this period I learned to think on my feet, apply lateral thinking at the drop of a hat and through involvement with NATO I had to learn to communicate with people of varying ranks from many different countries.

After saying farewell to the Air Force I moved to Australia where I met my husband to be, who had arrived from Scotland, and we decided to stay on. I resumed my business and computer science studies and entered the corporate world, initially in Banking and Finance, and subsequently in other industries such as IT and manufacturing. This career path soon saw me taking on senior management responsibilities which, because of my keen interest in information technology, included the project management of development and installation of some major financial and CRM systems.

I left the corporate world after several years to start my own business. The first venture, in partnership with my husband, was the building and development of a vineyard with deluxe tourist accommodation. Being totally new to the wine & hospitality industry it was a very steep learning curve and we made quite a few stumbles along the way. The venture however turned out very successful in many ways as it provided a wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience in every facet of starting and building a successful small business. The business was eventually sold and new ventures soon followed.

During this period Social Media made rapid advances and learning how to build strong and integrated strategies for my business became essential. With a professional career background in the IT and Finance industries I have always been attracted to the technology that brings people and their interests together. Working with some of the top names in Internet Marketing allowed me to implement tactics that successfully connect my brands with the social media buzz.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences with other small business owners and I created Income Trigger Consulting to this end. I am now totally concentrating on using what I have learned and what I was able to put into practice to help other new entrepreneurs come to grips with business building issues and the Social Media Marketing hype. Through my consulting services, I am able to provided the support needed by both online and offline businesses.

My Mission:
To be your eyes and ears in the cockpit of your business and guide you safely from a well planned take off, through the ever changing clouds of Social Media turbulence, to a clear blue sky view of your brand.

About Income Trigger Consulting

Income Trigger Consulting was established 2009 as a platform for small business support and coaching for new business owners. The name “Income Trigger” came about through conversation with small business owners who because of the Global Financial Crisis, or due to general lack of business knowledge, were struggling and needed to find a way to maintain their cash flows at a safe and sustainable level. In other words; they needed someone to help them check their business flight plan and guide them through the GFC turbulence to a safe business cruising level.

Enter the Air Traffic Controller ready to assist you with the cockpit check and fire the green flare at the start of the runway to signal the “Clear for Take Off”

A review of what was often lacking in preparation for a clear business take off resulted in the creation of our online self paced business course “Income Trigger Blueprint” for small business owners. This is a comprehensive 18 video course that is suitable for both online and offline businesses. It takes you by the hand, helps you prepare and understand your business flight plan and guides you through the maze of taxi ways that make up the cockpit check needed before getting the green flare indicating a  “Clear for Take Off”

During the first year of operation of Income Trigger Consulting it was realized that this small business support is only one part of the story of building a successful business. Social Media marketing and relationship building has been taking on a very significant role over the past years. As a matter of fact, the challenges encountered by the small business pilot because of the turbulence of the GFC have been added to by the ever changing clouds of Social Media innovation. Luckily as a team, my partner and I have a more than an adequate  Social Media knowledge base to allow us to marry these two significant facets of small business support.

So where does this put us? There is a plethora of Business Coaches and Social Media Managers who will give you advice about how to incorporate Social Media into your marketing strategies. What then makes Income Trigger Consulting so different?

1. We love to listen!

We hate wasting our clients’ valuable time. Our aim is to always clearly understand our customers’ business structures and needs in order to provide them with the services that will deliver the best results. We’ll help you with a pre-flight check up and the preparation of a flight plan that will point your business in the right direction when you’re ready for take off.

2.  We offer both Social Media & Business support

There are many Social Media Managers who are technically savvy but they often lack practical business experience. At Income Trigger Consulting we have a very significant business knowledge base that allows us to recognize and resolve the crossover between strategic business building and social brand awareness issues. This combination of Business and Social Media experience allows us to support our clients in a truly professional manner. We monitor your flight and act as the eyes and ears in your business cockpit to help guide you through the GFC turbulence and the Social Media clouds.

3. We separate the Wheat from the Chaff.

As your Air Traffic Controller we keep keep an eye on the traffic in your business airspace and monitor the conversation on the many channels that may affect your reputation. Goods news and positive mentions that we pick up will make sharing with your passengers quick and easy while we can keep you from getting distracted from your flight controls by negative mentions.

So whether you need basic business building support, are considering incorporating Social Media in your marketing strategies or if you are already participating but feel overwhelmed by the tasks involved, we at Income Trigger Consulting have the solution for you.