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Name: Elizabeth Todd
Date registered: March 22, 2011
URL: http://www.incometriggerconsulting.com/


Elizabeth has been running her own company, trading as Income Trigger Consulting since 2006. With over 20 years of Banking and Finance & Information Technology experience, she is able to provide results-oriented Social Media Marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.

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  2. 3 Tips to Reduce Small Business Costs — November 24, 2016
  3. Developing Brain Power for Business Success — November 24, 2016
  4. Three Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016 — January 1, 2016
  5. Check Your Social Media Profiles — April 30, 2015

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Mar 28

Why you need a good data backup system

Have you ever had your system crash on you? If not then continue reading this post about why you need a good data back up system. If you’ve already had that nasty experience then this post is still worth reading to get some tips on how to make your data recovery easier should it ever …

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Nov 24

3 Tips to Reduce Small Business Costs

Reducing costs in a small business and creating cost saving processes that will improve your bottom line over time doesn’t have to be a major exercise. Very often, it’s simply about making smart choices when making decisions about how to best apply your business funds. Many people start their own business without giving due consideration …

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Nov 24

Developing Brain Power for Business Success

Many small business owners struggle from time to time trying to build a successful business and wonder how to climb that elusive business success ladder. The problem most of us have encountered sooner or later is that we just don’t know where to concentrate our energies. There’s too much going on and often it’s going …

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Jan 01

Three Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

A Happy New Year to you all from the team at Income Trigger Consulting. May 2016 bring you success and happiness in all you do both in your business ventures and your personal life. Are you looking forward to what the New Year will bring you? It certainly can be a good year if you …

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Apr 30

Check Your Social Media Profiles

I’ve often been asked why Social Media works so well for some business owners while others seem to be getting nowhere regardless of the amount of time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. etc. There are many reasons for this but very often the first problem is inconsistencies in Social Media Profiles. Many business owners realise the …

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Apr 13

Optimizing Your Online Marketing Strategies

The discussion at a seminar that I attended recently was all about online marketing strategies and how to make social media work best for our business. It was a full day and too much information to pass it on in full but here is an overview of the most important points that are well worth noting. …

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Feb 18

Face-to-Face Business Networking Tips

Most of us attend business seminars and conferences throughout the year. Needless to say, learning from the material offered is important, but more often than not the most beneficial part of attending these events is the business networking opportunities. It doesn’t matter how good your online networking efforts are, there’s nothing more effective then a …

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Dec 31

Happy New Year

To to all my loyal clients, friends and followers. I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year filled with abundance, joy and treasured moments. Raise a toast to your 2014 achievements and may 2015 be your best online relationship building and business success year yet.

Nov 22

Online Business Ideas for the Holiday Season

Christmas Online Business

How time flies, Christmas is almost upon us. Have you put your online marketing plan for the Holiday Season in place? Here are a few quick social marketing tips and online business ideas to help you get your business ready for this hectic season and capture the potential business that it may bring.

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Oct 21

Tips for Saving Time on Social Media

Saving time on Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are all free for you to use but if using one or more of them eats up your time then they could well ruin your bottom line. If you’re using hours to figure out how to attract clicks on your new Pin or how to promote that new Facebook page then …

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