Mar 28

Why you need a good data backup system

Have you ever had your system crash on you? If not then continue reading this post about why you need a good data back up system. If you’ve already had that nasty experience then this post is still worth reading to get some tips on how to make your data recovery easier should it ever happen again. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 24

3 Tips to Reduce Small Business Costs

Reducing costs in a small business and creating cost saving processes that will improve your bottom line over time doesn’t have to be a major exercise. Very often, it’s simply about making smart choices when making decisions about how to best apply your business funds. Many people start their own business without giving due consideration to the nitty gritty of attending to daily budgeting processes and procedures and costs can easily run out of hand. Here are 3 simple tips to help you reduce your small business costs and improve your ROI. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 24

Developing Brain Power for Business Success

Many small business owners struggle from time to time trying to build a successful business and wonder how to climb that elusive business success ladder. The problem most of us have encountered sooner or later is that we just don’t know where to concentrate our energies. There’s too much going on and often it’s going too fast and the most likely result is burnout and a downturn in business instead of business improvement. If you’re in that situation it can feel as if there is no way out but there is a very simple answer. You need brain power to build business success! Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 01

Three Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

A Happy New Year to you all from the team at Income Trigger Consulting. May 2016 bring you success and happiness in all you do both in your business ventures and your personal life. Are you looking forward to what the New Year will bring you? It certainly can be a good year if you plan ahead and stay on top of where you’re heading. Doing a Social Media Marketing Plan for 2016 is of course a must if you want to run a successful business but it’s no good if the plan when done goes into a desk drawer never to be visited again. Would you go out for a walk or on a camping tour without checking the weather forecast? Of course not. So why not do the same with your social media marketing plan and keep checking your business forecast before you decide on a course of action at any time during the year?

Make running your Social Media Marketing campaigns deliver results by using these three simple weather checks to help keep you on track in 2016.

Planning Ahead for 2016

Best wishes from the Income Trigger Consulting Team. May the sun shine brightly on your Social Media Marketing Campaigns throughout 2016.

Apr 30

Check Your Social Media Profiles

I’ve often been asked why Social Media works so well for some business owners while others seem to be getting nowhere regardless of the amount of time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. etc. There are many reasons for this but very often the first problem is inconsistencies in Social Media Profiles. Many business owners realise the importance of being seen online and they tend to have a presence on most of these common channels. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 13

Optimizing Your Online Marketing Strategies

The discussion at a seminar that I attended recently was all about online marketing strategies and how to make social media work best for our business. It was a full day and too much information to pass it on in full but here is an overview of the most important points that are well worth noting.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many people may have heard the term SEO mentioned in discussions about building an online business presence but most don’t realize the important part that it plays in the success of any online marketing strategy. It can, in concert with well designed websites and good content, bring your business qualified leads and increase your customer base. Applied properly to your website and any other material that you publish online it can: Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 18

Face-to-Face Business Networking Tips

Most of us attend business seminars and conferences throughout the year. Needless to say, learning from the material offered is important, but more often than not the most beneficial part of attending these events is the business networking opportunities. It doesn’t matter how good your online networking efforts are, there’s nothing more effective then a face-to-face connection. The level of benefit however can be improved by some simple steps that you can take before, during and after an event. Here are some tips to get you going.

  1. Do some Pre-Event Research
    Walking in cold and trying to connect with strangers can be daunting for many people.A bit of homework before the event can be a big help.Business NetworkingThe first step is to get to know the speakers. Find their website and/or blog and start following them on Twitter to get a feel for their presentation style and content. This will help you work out what sessions to attend and which to pass up on if there are optional breakout sessions. And don’t forget following on Twitter and participating in the discussions will give you a head start building relationships before the event.
  2. Find Connections.
    Connecting with other attendees before a seminar will pay dividends during and after the event. To find out who is talking about it check on a #hastag for the conference. An easy way to do this is with Twitter Search. Follow the people that you find and set them up in a Twitter list or if you are using an application such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck collect them in grouping or other facilities provided by those applications. Remember to include the speaker(s) in this list.Once you have collected a few names, start connecting online. Have a look at what subjects the other attendees are interested in apart from the conference topic and get into an online conversation with them on those subjects. This is particularly important with regard to the speaker. S/he usually has only limited time available and tends to be in high demand. If you’ve already made contact via social media ahead of time you can skip the introductions and get straight to the core of the subject and what really matters.
  3. Identify your Must-Meet Contacts.
    Make a list of your ‘must-meets’ using your Twitter list, Facebook Friends, etc. It’s your priority list of people who you intend to make contact with. It helps if you’ve made online contact with them before as that way you can “accidentally” bump into them and strike up a conversation. Remember, there hardly ever is much spare time at a seminar so use your time wisely and make sure that you don’t miss out on meeting the key people who really matter.If you connect with someone where there is mutual interest in a follow up contact then set a date there and then if possible. Making a call to action like “Let’s do lunch next Thursday” and putting it into your calendars is much more likely to get a positive result then just saying something like “Yes, we’ll definitely need to meet up soon”. Another important point; keep your ears open for other seminars and networking opportunities that may get mentioned at the event that you’re attending. It’s one of the easiest ways to broaden your horizon.
  4. Don’t forget your Business Cards.
    Last but not Least “Business Cards” This is a must have at face-to-face business networking events but make sure that yours tells your story. Good cards that I receive:

    • Remind me of who you are and what we talked about
    • Have details of at least one of your social profiles but are not crammed overly full with non-essential info.


Dec 31

Happy New Year

To to all my loyal clients, friends and followers.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year filled with abundance, joy and treasured moments. Raise a toast to your 2014 achievements and may 2015 be your best online relationship building and business success year yet.

Happy New Year from ITC

Nov 22

Online Business Ideas for the Holiday Season

Christmas Online Business

How time flies, Christmas is almost upon us. Have you put your online marketing plan for the Holiday Season in place? Here are a few quick social marketing tips and online business ideas to help you get your business ready for this hectic season and capture the potential business that it may bring. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 21

Tips for Saving Time on Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are all free for you to use but if using one or more of them eats up your time then they could well ruin your bottom line. If you’re using hours to figure out how to attract clicks on your new Pin or how to promote that new Facebook page then you’ll soon realize that none of these Social Media channels are really free.

Here and in the next few posts are some tips on how you can save time without loosing your edge on your social media channels.

Saving time on Social Media

1. Automate your Social Media Updates.

The most time saving technique is to streamline your social media updates with automatic posting.

The more different social media platforms that you use the more time consuming maintenance can be. While you should post the same content everywhere it still has to be unique in each case and that customization for different social platforms takes time. If you are doing al of this manually then you’re hopping from one site to another, post the variations for each site and in the meantime lose track of the important things that you should have been doing instead. That’s a Lose/Lose rather than the Win/Win that you can have if you manage your Social Media maintenance tasks properly.

The best way to save posting time is by automating the whole process. Good automated posting systems can be set to maintain a regular social media posting schedule and make your work more efficient across all your channels.

Depending on the number of channels that you need to maintain and the frequency of your updates you could save as much as 3 hours per week.

Recommended automated posting systems include:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Social Oomph
  • Spreadfast and

These are only a few examples and each one has a range of different features. Check them out to see which one is best for your business.

Stand by for the next Social Media Time Saving Tip – Coming Soon!!

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