Nov 06

Business Coach in the Control Tower

In the control towerI never associated my first job as an Air Traffic Controller with being a Business Coach and setting up Social Media Marketing for small business until now. A friend asked me to expand a bit on my personal profile and we started talking about how we can learn something valuable from everything we do. This certainly held true for me as, during my time as an Air Traffic Controller, I learned to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and most importantly, learned to communicate with people of varying ranks from many different countries.

So what is the Air Traffic Control and Small Business connection?

For every successful take off and safe landing, the Air Traffic Controller has been on the other side of the pilot’s console from his first flight, as a learner, to his final flight, as a successful captain, before retirement. The same can be applied to setting up a new business and turning that into a successful and profitable small business that you’ll enjoy working on. Many people believe that the success of a small business lies in the hands of the business owner alone. Little do they realize that a business coach to guide them through the ins and outs of setting up a small business and who can teach them the essentials of Social Media for Small Business is that Traffic Controller who can assure a successful take off and a safe flight.

Getting onto the flight path of a successful business is often not as easy as it looks. The business space may look vast but the number of small businesses taking off is increasing as is competition, leaving less and less air space for you to manoeuvre through to profitability. Add to that the ever changing Social Media Platforms and technology advances that are sprouting like mushrooms and it’s easy to see why you need someone to guide your business to safety.

How do you find the Business Coach who can act as you Traffic Controller to guide your business safely through that ever-increasingly crowded airspace? My first piece of advice would be to sign up for my newsletter, and get regular updates on what’s going on in the small business and social media world.”

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