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Driving Traffic to Your Website

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Social Media plays a very important part in today’s marketing mix. Your conversion rates are important in the end result, but if you don’t drive enough traffic to your website to start with, the results of your Social Media Marketing efforts will be very disappointing. In the previous post we talked about building a solid brand reputation. Here is where that fits in when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

Sales funnel for driving traffic

Social Media is all about brand building which, when done consistently and with the right approach, will drive traffic. The end result will be increased traffic to your website where you can concentrate on conversions and lead generation.


The big mistake that many business owners make is looking at Social Media as just another marketing tool. The principle of the traditional marketing 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price and Promotion, is well known to most business people but, with the expansion of Social Media into the business world, this model has become rather outdated. The reason why I’m saying this is that the 4P’s model concentrates heavily on the product features and quality. These are important factors but they don’t really differentiate sufficiently. What’s missing with the 4P’s is emphasis on building a case to explain the benefits of a product or services. In other words, you need to promote your business by explaining to your customers that they need your product and/or service because it solves a problem. Spread the word that you can solve a specific problem better than anyone else and you’ll end up with a product or service that your customers simply can’t live without. This is where Social Media comes into play.

It is today’s word of mouth!

Word of Mouth

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

In days gone by business owners would use a variety of traditional marketing tools such as subscriptions in local directories, special events, advertisements in newspapers, etc. They would also, as incentives to increase their sales, offer discounts, free items or perhaps run loyalty contests. These tactics have well and truly proven to be effective and are still an indispensable part of today’s marketing promotions mix. The difference is that most of this is now also very effectively and more efficiently done online using any number of Social Media Channels. Replacing outdated offline advertising with Social Media marketing can save you time and money. The most important thing to keep in mind though is that you need to track your audience’s activity to measure your Social Media marketing’s ROI. We’ll go into this in depth in the next post.

Social Media as a Brand Reputation Builder

Promoting your business with Social Media to build a solid brand reputation involves more than just talking about you and your products or services. To get your audience to sit up and take notice you have to follow the 70/10/20 rule which means that whatever you publish on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. it has to be 70% your own informative and relevant content, 10% other relevant content and only 20% actual product/service promotion. Give your visitors a chance to get to know you and trust you. Visitors to your social media sites who enjoy what you have to offer will often share your posts with their friends via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It’s this increase in reach that builds trust and enhances your brand. It will increase traffic to your website and bring you more relevant visitors.

Have you heard

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Social Media is today’s word of mouth and it’s the spreading of the word about what you have to offer that acts as a referral service for your business. Your conversion rate will improve drastically when targeted prospects start arriving through referrals.


In the next post I’ll show you some tips on how to convert your website traffic into leads. In the meantime, if you have any questions about driving traffic to your website or other topics relevant to brand reputation building, use the form on this page to book an obligation free consultation call with me.

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