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Google+ Business Page Basics

The question “Why You Need a Google+ Business Page” was the topic for discussion at a business breakfast meeting that I attended recently. It’s an interesting subject as many business owners have often asked me why they should spend the time adding and maintaining yet another social network. Many small business owners who I deal with tend to be time poor and adding more work is not a really attractive proposition. If you’re in that situation and specifically if you are a local business owner then I would recommend that you watch this video about Google+ basics that I’ve put together for you.

Google+ Page

If you already have a Google+ business page but it’s not delivering your Google Ranking as well as you had expected then go through this checklist and make sure that you tick all the boxes.

  • Does your cover photo clearly represent what your business is all about?
  • Do you have a good and recognizable profile picture? It can be your logo but a personal picture would be better if you are a small business owner.
  • Have you listed your website in the About section?
  • Do you post regularly? (At least once per week)
  • Do you use hash tags in your posts?
  • Is your YouTube Channel connected to your business page or profile?
  • Do you have a Google+ custom URL?
  • Do you tick the “include email to Circles” option with your posts?

There are many more reasons and business scenarios to make a case for why you need a Google+ Business Page but I’d like to think that this summary of the basics has given you a good starting point.

What is your experience with Google+? Is it working for you or if not, why not. Please share your experience in the comments.

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