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How to make Social Media Marketing work for you.

There are many small business owners who feel that Social Media Marketing is not working for them. While they realize that Social Media is playing an increasingly vital role in the marketing strategies for most businesses they feel that they are not getting anywhere near as much out of their efforts as they had hoped.

If this scenario applies to you and your business then the tips and tricks provided here should help you get on track.

The three main problems for most small business owners are the lack of understanding how to:

  • Build brand advocacy to establish a solid brand reputation
  • Drive traffic to their website and
  • Generate leads.

In the following sections we’ll take a close look at each of these issues.

How to Establish a Solid Brand Reputation

Social media success is all about building relationships that will create loyalty and trust in your brand. It’s about turning your customers into loyal followers who will spread the word about your brand and in doing so become the advocates for your business.

Here is an example of some of the most well known brands that have, over the years, created a huge following of loyal advocates.

Company Branding

It goes without saying that, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll recognize each one of these logos. As a small to medium sized business owner you’re not likely to achieve world wide acclaim like these brands have but, by the same token, to build your brand you have to present your business in a way that will make people sit up and take notice. The more social media followers that you attract, the more likely that your content will be shared and impact on the results in the various search engines.

Publishing good content is the first step to building relationships but, it’s the sharing of your content that increases your overall reach and that in turn will create trust. It’s really all about today’s word of mouth. So what actions will achieve your relationship building objectives? I recommend that you implement at least the following tactics:

  • Clearly identify your target audience i.e. your ideal customer
  • Optimizing each piece of content to speak to this ideal customer.
  • Share valuable information that your audience will find useful.
  • Publish your content on channels that are frequented by your audience
  • Include social share buttons on your website.
  • Include a blog on your website and publish regular posts.
  • Email your existing customers to encourage them to interact with you on social media


The first point here is the most important of all. Address the wrong audience and no one wil hear your message. Social Media Marketing and establishing your online brand is all about establishing a relationship between you and your ideal customer. I’ll go through some tips on how to identify that ideal customer in a later post but in the meantime I’d like you to have a look at how you are presenting yourself to your audience. Does your profile present you in a light that your prospects can relate to? If your readers can’t relate to you then they’ll probably lose interest in your story.  But if you can make readers love you story then it’s easy to get them hooked.

I’m not promising you miracles overnight but if you communicate with your target audience on a regular basis using the tactics outlined here, you will find that your Social Media reach will increase. It’s a guaranteed way to establish a solid brand reputation across the various Social Channels.

In the next post I’ll show you some tips on how to use various Social Media Marketing tools to drive traffic to your website. In the meantime, if you have any questions, book an obligation free call or leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap.

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