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How to Plan for Social Media Marketing in 2013

Christmas Greetings from Income Trigger Consulting


It’s almost the end of another year so let me start by wishing you an abundantly joyous season and Happy New Year! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another holiday, may your life be filled with many blessings

Cheers and Best Wishes.

Elizabeth Todd

Biz Tip of the Month

A Business Flight Plan for the New Year

It’s time to start planning the Social Media strategies for your business for the upcoming year. You don’t need a university degree in marketing or economics to compile a good business plan, but you do need to carefully consider each aspect.

You’ve probably seen this outline of the basic approach to planning somewhere along the line.

Business Plan outline

Each step here is valid but it’s the “If it Works” decision that needs to be analyzed and revisited on a regular basis. If you feel that this is complicated and you don’t know where to start then let me put my Air Traffic Controller’s hat on Air Traffic Controller Hat

and I’ll show you how, using this simple flight plan, the task really isn’t daunting at all.

Why a flight plan for your business? Because it is a fun and straight forward step by step process that you can monitor as you progress through the year. So put your business pilot’s hat on, check this example and let’s do your flight plan for the coming year. Note your answers as you step through each point.

1. Flight Type

Are you expecting to have:

*     An easy clear view for the year ahead (Visual Flight Rules)

*     Some tough times that need watching (Instrument Flight Rules)

*     Restricted operating conditions (Defense Visual Flight Rule)

2. Identification

What is your business name and type of business?

3. Special Equipment

Will you need any special Social Media software or training that can affect your results for the year?

4. True Airspeed

Do you expect to maintain your current level of business, increase capacity or downsize?

5. Departure Point

Where are you starting the next year – new, growing or established business?

6. Departure Time

Your first business date after the New Year or, if yours is a new business, what is your planned launch date? (Fill in the actual when it happens)

7. Cruising Altitude

What is your expected level of participation in Social Media marketing? (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc)

8. Route of Flight

What actions will you take to achieve that target?

9. Destination airport

What is your ultimate goal for 2013?

10. Est. time enroute

How much time and money do you expect to need to reach that goal

11. Remarks

Comment on any constraints that could affect your target

12. Fuel on Board

How much time and money do you have in your budget for the next year?

13. Alternate Airports

What is your Plan B if things don’t work out as planned?

14. Pilot’s name and contact details

Business Owner’s contact details

15. Number aboard

Number and details of staff & management involved in the business

16. Color of Aircraft

What makes you stand out from the crowd? (Your USP and Logo)

17. Close flight plan on arrival

Review and Sign of on the plan at the end of the next year

And that’s all there is to it. You’re CLEAR FOR TAKE OFF!

Now that’s much more fun than trying to write up a dull old style plan, isn’t it? But, having said that, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re not sure about how to work your way through the process. Make developing your 2013 plan a team effort by involving your business coach or any of your other trusted associates.

If you have questions but have no one to help you then use the booking form here to arrange a personal 20 minute FREE consultation call with me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions on using this strategy to plan your Social Media marketing for the coming year.

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