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How to Set Achievable Business Goals

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Have you set your business goals for 2014? Regardless of where you’re at you’re your goal setting, there’s just one very important thing to keep in mind –

Don’t Focus on Outcomes

Focus on Behavior

This applies to all business goals but one of the biggest challenges that most people who I work with face is to set realistic goals and budgets for their social media marketing strategies. You may have set outcomes oriented goals like “get 100 new email subscribers” or “publish a blog post every week – even though you haven’t done one at all this week”.

If your aim is to get better results from your social media marketing then you’re not likely to get there by simply resolving to “post something every day this year”. You’d get much better results by developing better and realistic habits. Here is an example:

Every week in January I will:

On Monday

Spend 1 hour researching online topics relating to my business.

On Tuesday

Select a topic from Monday’s research and spend 1 hour free writing on the subject. (By free writing I mean, keep on writing without interruptions and don’t stop to check spelling or do any other editing.)

On Wednesday

Spend 1 hour editing and refining the material written yesterday

On Thursday

Spend 1 hour posting the material to a blog or other suitable channel and creating back links from my other social platforms.

On Friday

Spend 1 hour creating a video based on the published text and upload to YouTube. (Use Animoto or a similar software package to make this task easy)

On Saturday

Spend 1 hour checking Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and any other statistical reports to ascertain the results of the work done to date.

On Sunday

Take a break!

Once you’ve done this for one month, repeat the process with variations to suit your business, for the following months of 2014.

To get better results from your social media marketing you need to build habits that will help you reach your business goals. Give it a try and let me know how you go.

Best wishes for Prosperity and Success in 2014. May you reach your target for every business goal that you’ve set.

Achievable Business Goals

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