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Is your Social Media Marketing Plan on Track?

Last month we stepped through my version of how to prepare a flight plan for your business for 2013. I would love to hear your comments. Did it help you to get your Social Media Marketing plan for this year of the ground and safely flying or are you still stuck on the runway?

Social Media Plan ready for Take off

We tend to be full of enthusiasm when we start working on our plans at the start of the year but interruptions often crop up and before you realize it, your Social Media Strategy plans are stuck halfway down the runway waiting for take off tomorrow or the day after instead of having been tested and in full flight since yesterday. This can turn into a real disaster as good Social Media Management is a 24/7 issue.

Bad news travels faster than good news and with social media it’s a fact that any bad online reviews will stay there FOREVER!

Bad News on Social Media is there FOREVER So what can you do to make sure that you stay on your flight path and procrastination doesn’t get in the way?

Here are a few tips that should help you stay on track. They may not all fit your scenario but pick out the ones that fit and run with those.


  1. Do you have to do it all yourself?

Is this task something that you must do yourself or can you outsource it? We often fall for the notion that “no one can do it better” or “it would take too long to explain, its quicker doing it myself”. This is very much a tendency among small business owners. If outsourcing is a problem because of a lack of funds then check if you can perhaps barter with someone else (a spouse, partner, one of the kids, a friend) to do it, while you do something for them that they don’t like doing. The fact that you’ve always done yourself is not a reason to assume that it always has to stay that way. If there’s a different way still gets it done, use it.

If the task is something that you have to do then one or more of the following tips can help.

  1. Visualize the result, not the work

Focus on what you’ll have achieved once you’ve done the work instead of seeing the work to be done to get there.

Perhaps there are negative online business reviews that you have to deal with. Think for a moment about how you feel before you tackle the task. Nervous and wondering how you can possibly turn it around so you won’t lose customers? Now imagine how great it will feel when it’s over and done with. You could well get some positive comments to your response. You won’t know until you’ve given it a go and remember; practice makes perfect.

  1. What is the cost to your business if you don’t do it?

Taking a negative online review of your business as an example, what would happen if you don’t respond in a positive manner within 24 hours? It can cost you dearly, especially if your business is hospitality. A positive response will not make the negative go away, its there forever, but if you’re seen to be willing to listen and take positive action you’re far less likely to chase potential customers away.

  1. Break it up into some shorter flights.

Does one of the tasks on your Social Media Strategy look like too much to get done? Have a look at the business flight plan example in the last post and see if you can break it up into smaller manageable chunks.

Let’s say one of the tasks that you’ve set yourself to reach your goal is to monitor the online statistics for your business. You can chop that up into much smaller identifiable individual chunks e.g. check mentions of your brand first thing in the morning, reserve the quietest part of the day to respond to Social Media comments, etc.

Keep breaking it down until you have short tasks that can be done at regular intervals and that are easy to manage.

  1. Concentrate on your current flight plan only.

Most plans fall by the wayside because of distractions. The main problem tends to be that there are too many plans and tasks within direct view.

The solution: write the task at hand on a sticky note and attach it somewhere in your direct line of sight. Clear your desktop of anything else that is not part of the current task, even if you simply put it down on the floor. Now work on just that one task and use the sticky note to help you keep your focus.

  1. Don’t dawdle, be decisive.

Last but not least, I’ve seen good plans going into the too hard basket simply because there were so many ideas and tasks that it seemed to hard to decide what to do first.

If that applies to you, just pick any one to start with and go do it. What if you pick one that later proves to be not quite as good or important as one of the others? Well, you’ll at least have one task successfully finished instead of still looking at many that didn’t get done at all.

And here are just a few final things to keep in mind:

  • Planning to do something is not the same as doing it.
  • A good brand image is crucial to your success
  • Remember to include timely reputation management in your Social Media Marketing plan

I hope these tips will help you to stay on track. Don’t hesitate to book a call with me if you have any questions.

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