Nov 22

Online Business Ideas for the Holiday Season

Christmas Online Business

How time flies, Christmas is almost upon us. Have you put your online marketing plan for the Holiday Season in place? Here are a few quick social marketing tips and online business ideas to help you get your business ready for this hectic season and capture the potential business that it may bring.

1. Check your own Contact Details.

This may sound like a no-brainer but are you absolutely sure that everything on all your online profiles is 100% up to date? It always amazes when I speak with small business owners who have a problem with decreasing enquiries coming through there various channels only to find that their contact details are out of date. Make sure that your contact details are up to date and consistent across all channels if you want your customers and prospects to easily contact you

2. Check your Mailing List(s)

Every business should have at least one mailing list with contact details, including email address, for all customers as well as prospects. This applies to online as well as offline businesses. Almost any well planned social marketing strategy needs to include one or more email campaigns. Your mailing list however needs to be kept up to date and you need to be able to reach your target audience for each specific email campaign.

    1. Weed out list entries that have never opened any of your emails after they signed up.
    2. Segment your list(s) by zip code, customer type, age group or whatever categories make up your target audience for specific email campaigns.

3. Update your Pictures

Websites and social channels with photos tend to attract more than 4 times the views than those without photos. Having said that, your visitors will soon enough lose interest if there is nothing but the same old ones each and every time they visit. Add some new pictures and include some with Merry Christmas or general Seasons Greetings messages and of course don’t forget to include pictures of your seasonal stock if your business deals in physical products or services that can be visualized.

4. Set your Trading Hours.

Are you planning any changes in your trading hours over the holiday season? Remember to update your website and all channels that advertise your trading hours. Your Facebook marketing and any other online presence can be badly affected if people try to contact your business during your standard trading hours and get no response. If you don’t close down at all over the holiday season but charge a holiday loading for services remember to make this very clear as not doing so can quickly lose you good customers.

5. Send a Greeting Card

Many business owners don’t send physical Christmas Cards to their customers, and in a way it is understandable – It saves money, saves time, and some people will tell you that it’s better for the environment.  Most business owners are in regular contact with their customers anyway thanks to social media and email. But there are many good reasons not to let this tradition slide. Here are a few of them:

    1. It shows you care

It tells your customers that they are important to you. It’s particularly thoughtful for any of your customers who may not be very tech savvy and it lets your customers know that you see them as persons, not just buyers. Don’t send generic e-cards or worse still, a group email. That’s just lazy and totally impersonal.

    1. It’s meaningful

It’s a lot more meaningful than a posting a Christmas morning status update on your Facebook page or on Twitter!  It’s a good way of sharing something of your life at a personal level with your customers and encouraging them to share a bit of their lives with you.

    1. It’s easy

There are quite a few options available to purchase and customize greeting cards easily. Google “Customizable Christmas Cards” to see a list a various suppliers.

6. Create a Special Deal

Everyone loves a special deal even if they aren’t dedicated bargain hunters and almost any business, online as well as offline, gets its share of window shoppers. This season create a special deal that could well help to tip the scale and convert lookers into buyers. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item or service but it does have to offer value for the buyer. As an example, how many gold coins do you think will be collected for various charities by people who offer to wrap Christmas presents in shopping malls? The amounts are always substantial – not necessarily because shoppers favour that charity but because the people doing the wrapping can usually do it much better and fancier and it saves the shopper time. In other words it creates visual and time saving value.

If you’re getting your business ready for the holiday season then follow up on all the items listed here. Refreshing your online profiles will help you to get set for the busy holiday season and it will also help the search engines know that your information is up to date and relevant.  Just a few minutes spent reviewing and updating your profiles can help give you the best chance of turning lookers into buyers this holiday season.

If you’re tidying up loose ends before taking a well deserved break then follow up on at least the first five tips. This will put you in a position where you are ready to start the New Year with your house in order. There is no better way to clear our the cobwebs and come up with some innovative new online business ideas than being able to take that break in the knowledge that you’ll be able to start the new year with a clean desk.

Happy Holidays Seasons Greeetings

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