Apr 13

Optimizing Your Online Marketing Strategies

The discussion at a seminar that I attended recently was all about online marketing strategies and how to make social media work best for our business. It was a full day and too much information to pass it on in full but here is an overview of the most important points that are well worth noting.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many people may have heard the term SEO mentioned in discussions about building an online business presence but most don’t realize the important part that it plays in the success of any online marketing strategy. It can, in concert with well designed websites and good content, bring your business qualified leads and increase your customer base. Applied properly to your website and any other material that you publish online it can:

  • Improve your business visibility and branding
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Improve your ROI
  1. Content

While good SEO is essential to directing traffic to your website, good content is equally if not more important. A good conversion rate can only be achieved if the content delivers what your prospect is looking for. It needs to address the customer’s problem, offer a solution and finish with a clear Call to Action (CTA). It’s important to note that a CTA must be the closing text in all material published online. It may be a direction on a Facebook update to click on a website link, a simple prompt to answer a question, a request to participate in a survey, etc.

A further point noted was that content, from a Social Media point of view, needs to be informative and shareable. As a general rule of thumb, the content on all social media channels should be 80% information and no more than 20% sales promotions. Ideally the 80% content should be 70% your own unique information sharing with the other 10% sourced elsewhere.

Social Media Content

  1. Reputation Management

Well structured sites with proper application of SEO and regular content sharing are important to promote your business visibility and online reviews can enhance this. Getting several reviews on more than one site is one of the most effective ways to gain Google ranking. There is however one down side of getting reviews and that is the fact that bad news travels faster than good news and one bad review that is not handled correctly can do almost irreparable damage to your business. Reputation management is all about watching out for what’s being said about your business and your products and services.

good reputation management

Tools recommended for monitoring this are Google Alerts and Mentions. Both tools are free and can be configured to get notifications of mentions made online about your business name and other keywords that are relevant to your business.

This overview of the importance of building good online marketing strategies and the tactics and tools available to do it should give you some ideas to work with. What are the most effective online marketing tools in your portfolio? Please share with us in the comments below.

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