Social Media Services

In many organizations, in-house marketing options are generally limited, while productive Social Media promotions and marketing support requires dedicated time and effort. That’s where Income Trigger Consulting, your expert Social Media Managers group, can help you.

Income Trigger Consulting can assist you in developing a customized Social Media Marketing campaign that incorporates platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other social sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include initial consulting, user training, technical set-up, content creation and profile management.

Social Media Consulting

Income Trigger Consulting offers a large range of Social Media Consulting services customized to our client’s needs.
Our team of experts can help you achieve measurable improvements in your online effectiveness and results. From designing and implementing a solid Social Media start-up strategy, to review and optimization of strategies for your existing online presence; our consulting services can help you take your Social Media Marketing to the next level.

For further details, go here: Social Media Consulting

Social Media Training

Putting Social Media to work to spread the word about your business is a challenging task. Even marketing gurus, established business owners and large corporations are continually looking for updates on how to interact and best manage their presence on Social networks. They spend time testing new social marketing tools, how to implement them and how to manage them when they start incorporating them into the Social Strategies. More importantly, they need to keep their people trained on how to measure and report things like the costs and benefits of a Social Media presence and to understand the effect on the bottom line.

This is nothing like your traditional marketing techniques. You need the right training on how to market and optimize your brand on the social networks. Income Trigger Consulting offers a comprehensive collection of Social Media training solutions for you and your team.

For full details on how to get expert Social Media Training go here:
Social Media Training

Social Media Technical Set-up & Design

First impressions can make or break a Social Media Marketing campaign. A good presentation needs to give your audience with that “WOW” factor. It needs to be polished and professional, technically well oiled so to speak but informative and user friendly at the same time. A big ask requiring a lot of different skills.

At Income Trigger Consulting we have a team of skilled people who can set up the technical aspects of your Social Media platforms and make sure that it is all integrated to the level where it will run like a well oiled machine. To add the polished and professional look and user friendly feel, we add all the bells and whistles such as Like and Tweet buttons, opt-in forms, photo galleries, and what ever else my be needed to best personalize your Social Media presence.

Find out how we can do this for you right here: Technical Set-Up

Social Content Creation & Delivery

When you take a look at the most-followed brands on the social networks you will notice that they all have one thing in common, regardless of their size. They all have a clearly defined approach to the way in which they publish content on the various platforms. They are creative in the way that they entertain and engage as well as share information with their followers.

You need this same creative approach with content that you publish on the web. You need to continually interact with your audience to get their attention and get them to recognize your brand.

At Income Trigger Consulting, we have team members who specialize in creative content creation. Let us help you design, develop and create the content that your audience will love.
Find out more here: Content Creation

Social Media Management & Maintenance

Managing your Social Media Marketing in-house can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. Let’s face it; it’s all your marketing departments such as public relations, customer service, advertising, sales and marketing brought together.
WOW! That really is a mountain of work, and you need expert help.

At Income Trigger Consulting we can relieve the burden of your Social Media Marketing time and effort by managing your social profiles and online presence for you. Get the best return on your investment in social media marketing today by letting us do all the hard work for you.

Our maintenance packages are designed as a follow on for clients who have completed a Social Media audit and a technical set-up review with Income Trigger Consulting or another social media company. Clients who sign up for a monthly maintenance package after they have completed an audit and a technical set-up with us will receive a one-off $100 discount!

Don’t waste any more time trying to do it al your self. Find out more here: Social Profile Management


Income Trigger Consulting works together with expert consultants in:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress Design & Programming
  • Pay-per-click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Copy Writing
  • Traditional PR & Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing


Social Media Consulting

Social Media Audit — Start with a thorough Social Media Audit to establish where you are at today! We perform an audit of your current online set-up and send you a video report on your overall presence including: your website, social profiles, email marketing strategies and keyword optimization results. Our report will show you exactly …

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Technical Set Up & Design

Even the most tech-savvy computer whizzes have difficulty sometimes setting up social media profiles. We know the ins and outs. For instance, you don’t want your audience going to the wrong place. Maybe you already have set-up some social media profiles, but the look and feel just isn’t right. Graphics? Got you covered! Branding? Got …

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Content Creation

Imaginative Social Profile Content Creation — If you’ve watched those memorable TV or Football advertisements or remember articles that you’ve read that receive tons of comments, you’ll realize that imaginative and continuous content gets people talking. However, creating content is time-consuming and the associated research can be easier said than done. We can save your …

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Let us be your guide up that social media mountain by training you and your staff. Do You have a plan of your own? We’ll evaluate it, answer your questions and guide you to achievements you never thought possible with Social Media. Strategic Planning Skype Call — Schedule a one-on-one,one-hour, Skype voice or video call. …

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Social Profile Management

Every business is different and we realize that Social Media support needs can vary from just basic maintenance of social profiles right through to “All Done For You” social media marketing management. Whatever your business needs, we can structure the right package for you. It’s so easy to spend hours each day engaging with your …

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