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Social Media Audit

Start with a thorough Social Media Audit to establish where you are at today! We perform an audit of your current online set-up and send you a video report on your overall presence including: your website, social profiles, email marketing strategies and keyword optimization results.

Our report will show you exactly where you are now, where you need to be going forward and provide options to get you there.

Our report doesn’t just leave you with just a list of technical jargon that is hard to understand. We show you the story in easy to understand graphs and other examples!

Audit Report Results Skype Conference –

Follow up on your audit with a one-hour Skype conference to review and discuss the report details and get answers to all of your questions.

SPECIAL – Audit Report plus Skype Conference —

Want your audit and the personal Skype conference? Great! Order the full audit and Skype conference at once and save some $$$$$!

Detailed Social Media Optimization & Strategic Plan —

To be successful online requires detailed social marketing research plus creation and design of a comprehensive social media optimization strategy. This is your personalized guide for your interaction on the Social Web. We design your online strategy for you and walk you through how to implement it and measure or improve your results.

Your prospects are out there searching for you but can they find you? And when they do, will their first impression be positive?

Here is the challenge. How is your brand perceived on the various multimedia and social media marketing channels? Does your presence drive awareness and capture new customers and increase sales? How do you know if your online marketing strategies are achieving results in one place and missing the target altogether in another?

What you need is a team of specialists to evaluate your social media presence and provide you with the options available to you that can effectively increase brand awareness, drive traffic and get results.


The Strategic Planning Process:

Online Marketing Research – Perform detailed online market research and provide information about your social brand name, your competition and your target market’s online interaction,

Strategic Plan Development – We provided you with a roadmap for developing your brand awareness on the social web. We show you in detail how to optimize and implement this strategy and get achievable business results.

Measuring and Improving – You’ve probably heard this before, “…you cannot manage what you don’t measure.” In business terms this means that you can’t improve something when you don’t know that it is broken. As one of the most important parts of this strategic plan, we walk you through how to track and measure your results,  show you what to look for and how to make improvements.

Don’t try flying blind. Let our experts show you how to navigate the Social Web.

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