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Social Profile Management

Every business is different and we realize that Social Media support needs can vary from just basic maintenance of social profiles right through to “All Done For You” social media marketing management. Whatever your business needs, we can structure the right package for you.

It’s so easy to spend hours each day engaging with your audience, attending to regular updates of the technical information about your brand, launching contests or marketing campaigns and trying to manage it all.
Do you actually have the spare time to do it all? We DO!

Entry Level Package
Our entry level monthly social media package includes:

  • Two daily status updates on two social media platforms (content to be provided by client)
  • Monthly basic maintenance of your profiles on two of your social networks
  • One monthly strategic consulting report

Basic Business Package
This package offers everything that is included in the Entry Level Package and much more. With this monthly package you’ll get regular strategic consulting and reports, brand monitoring and a lot more communication with those people who really matter most — your followers and fans.

Our Business Package features:

  • Four daily status updates on three of your social networks
  • Monthly basic maintenance of your profiles on three social networks
  • Build your audience on three online social networks to get you more followers and fans
  • Monitor your brand on three online networks (who’s saying what about your business)
  • Bi-weekly statistics and strategic reporting

De Luxe “All Done For You” Package
This fully customizable social media management support package has been designed for clients who already have a substantial social media presence. We work very closely with you and your marketing people to efficiently manage the online social media presence of you and your business. The basis for this package is support for four social media platforms of your choice as well as a company blog.
Features will be customized to your requirements and could include:

  • Weekly consulting and reporting on audience engagement, strategies, email campaigns, contests and general integration of various social applications
  • Planning and creation of contests/campaigns
  • Creation and distribution of online content.
  • Audience building
  • Customer service support
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Blog management and much more

Let us take the hard work out of it for you!

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