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Let us be your guide up that social media mountain by training you and your staff.
Do You have a plan of your own? We’ll evaluate it, answer your questions and guide you to achievements you never thought possible with Social Media.

Strategic Planning Skype Call

Schedule a one-on-one,one-hour, Skype voice or video call. Ask unlimited questions. Get straight answers from the experts. Uncover the how-to’s and tips and tricks using your existing strategic social media plan.

Individual or Small Group Coaching

There is a lot to cover in social media marketing. You have more questions than a small amount of time will provide. And you don’t want to waste effort haphazardly searching the web for answers to questions that will still leave you scratching your head. Or perhaps you have a small group with various assignments and priorities who need the knowledge and training n social media marketing and optimization.

We offer a three-hour (two 1.5-hour sessions) Skype conference call that will help you or a small group understand your social media marketing plan, uncover the how-to’s, tips and tricks with real answers from real experts on marketing within social networks.

If your business is located within a radius of 100km of the NSW (Australia) Central Coast then we can offer face-to-face coaching of similar duration.

Stop Flying Blind

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