Jul 07

Social Media Marketing Changes

It’s no secret that Social Media Marketing Strategies need constant monitoring. There is a continual change in user focus between Social sites and monitoring trends is a must for any successful campaign. Facebook is pushing its ads but is it the be-all-and-end-all, just another equal part of a good marketing strategy or insignificant but necessary?

According to a survey by Social Marketing Company 33 Across, advertising on Facebook does not figure prominently in most online marketing budgets. The survey was first taken in March 2012 before the IPO and again in Jun2 2012 after the IPO. The key findings were:

  • In the new survey, over 70% of respondents said that they focus 80% of their attention on “Rest of Web” (ROW) vs. Facebook, a 23% increase from March.
  • Moreover, when asked “Do you see your Facebook spend changing vis-à-vis the rest of the web?” five and half times as many respondents – relative to the number from the pre-IPO survey – asserted that they were planning on “decreasing [their] Facebook spend”
  • Additionally, the number of people who said they are very concerned about “understanding and driving ROI from big data” rose from 91% to 96%. And, the number of people who said they are concerned about integrating that data jumped from 73% to 82%.

Here are the survey details.

When thinking about Facebook versus the rest of the web, which gets more of your team’s attention?

Facebook:ROW June 2012 March 2012
80:20 4% 0%
60:40 11% 7%
50:50 4% 16%
40:60 11% 16%
20:80 71% 58%

Looking at these result, and particularly the increase in the 20:80 category, I wonder how this will play out over time. The Facebook share price has taken quite a tumble and this would be a good enough reason for some scepticism but would you follow that lead? I personally am inclined to take a stay and hold position. Facebook is still a very popular place to be so a downturn in the number of ads could well mean an increase in Online Marketing opportunities for the stayers.

Does your Social Media Marketing Strategy include Facebook and if so, are you likely to make changes to your overall spend? I’d love to hear your opinion on this issue.


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