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Nov 24

Developing Brain Power for Business Success

Many small business owners struggle from time to time trying to build a successful business and wonder how to climb that elusive business success ladder. The problem most of us have encountered sooner or later is that we just don’t know where to concentrate our energies. There’s too much going on and often it’s going …

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Apr 13

Optimizing Your Online Marketing Strategies

The discussion at a seminar that I attended recently was all about online marketing strategies and how to make social media work best for our business. It was a full day and too much information to pass it on in full but here is an overview of the most important points that are well worth noting. …

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Feb 18

Face-to-Face Business Networking Tips

Most of us attend business seminars and conferences throughout the year. Needless to say, learning from the material offered is important, but more often than not the most beneficial part of attending these events is the business networking opportunities. It doesn’t matter how good your online networking efforts are, there’s nothing more effective then a …

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Dec 31

How to Set Achievable Business Goals

Achievable Business Goals

Have you set your business goals for 2014? Regardless of where you’re at you’re your goal setting, there’s just one very important thing to keep in mind – Don’t Focus on Outcomes Focus on Behavior This applies to all business goals but one of the biggest challenges that most people who I work with face …

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Feb 02

How to make Social Media Marketing work for you.

Company Branding

There are many small business owners who feel that Social Media Marketing is not working for them. While they realize that Social Media is playing an increasingly vital role in the marketing strategies for most businesses they feel that they are not getting anywhere near as much out of their efforts as they had hoped. …

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