Oct 21

Tips for Saving Time on Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are all free for you to use but if using one or more of them eats up your time then they could well ruin your bottom line. If you’re using hours to figure out how to attract clicks on your new Pin or how to promote that new Facebook page then you’ll soon realize that none of these Social Media channels are really free.

Here and in the next few posts are some tips on how you can save time without loosing your edge on your social media channels.

Saving time on Social Media

1. Automate your Social Media Updates.

The most time saving technique is to streamline your social media updates with automatic posting.

The more different social media platforms that you use the more time consuming maintenance can be. While you should post the same content everywhere it still has to be unique in each case and that customization for different social platforms takes time. If you are doing al of this manually then you’re hopping from one site to another, post the variations for each site and in the meantime lose track of the important things that you should have been doing instead. That’s a Lose/Lose rather than the Win/Win that you can have if you manage your Social Media maintenance tasks properly.

The best way to save posting time is by automating the whole process. Good automated posting systems can be set to maintain a regular social media posting schedule and make your work more efficient across all your channels.

Depending on the number of channels that you need to maintain and the frequency of your updates you could save as much as 3 hours per week.

Recommended automated posting systems include:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Social Oomph
  • Spreadfast and

These are only a few examples and each one has a range of different features. Check them out to see which one is best for your business.

Stand by for the next Social Media Time Saving Tip – Coming Soon!!

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