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Using Color in Social Media

Color is the one of the most important factors in almost all purchase decisions. It’s therefore no wonder that using color in Social Media plays a significant part in the success of our online conversation. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 1% of consumers will purchase a product based on smell or sound.
  • 6% will purchase because of texture. (It feels good)
  • And a huge 93% of all consumers will purchase a product based on visual impact. Within this group, 85% named color as the most important factor in their purchase decision

If you are trying to build a brand image for your online or offline business then consider this:

“Colour is the THE most important aspect that you have to get right!”

This infographic from The Logo Company is a great example of how color is used so effectively by well known major brands


Color Emotion Guide


Last but not least, did you know that you can target specific demographics based on color?
  • Impulse buyers will most likely respond to the colors black and red.
  • People working within budget restraints tend to go for blue or teal.
  • Pink and pastel colors such as rose or sky blue or any other non-prime colors are more likely to be preferred by traditional buyers.
Have a play around with color to see which advertisements get the best results and incorporate those results in your next social media marketing plan!

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