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What Makes a Good Facebook Topic

Most small business owners appreciate the value of a Facebook page and getting fans. Many however have a problem trying to post a good Facebook topic that will bring them new fans. If you are one of them then read on!

Creating a Facebook page was supposed to be one of your best profitable business ideas You’re spending hours on it and you had expected so much but, you see little results for your efforts.  It’s frustrating and disheartening isn’t it?

What makes a good Facebook Topic

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there! Let me share my experience with you.

The first business that I owned was a Bed & Breakfast in a tourist region. The biggest mistake that I made with this venture was to always talk about my business in terms of what I had to offer from my point of view. That sounds fine in theory because, if my business was to survive then I had to keeping pushing my business to sell my products. Right? No, not really!

Fortunately a friend who is an experienced Social Media Manager showed me where I was going wrong. She quite bluntly told me Your Facebook page is boring! Why? It’s because –

  • It’s all business.
  • There is no really helpful information
  • There is no hint of fun!

Just imagine how I felt. Here I had been working so hard, spending hours writing about my products and all I had produced was boring stuff. But, of course she was right. So I put my thinking cap on, put myself in my customers’ shoes and tried to work out how I could mix business with pleasure in a good Facebook topic. Something that would somehow win me lots of fans. And surprise, surprise; it really wasn’t as hard as I had thought. The topics most commented on were all about how to treat your family to a delicious special occasion breakfast. The recipes and pictures of the breakfast baskets that I prepared for my guests were favorites. People started commenting, soon the conversation was going and my fan base was building very fast.

Now just imagine what YOUR Facebook page could look like if you followed my example. Here are some principles than can be applied to almost any type of business:

  1. Share a real-life challenge and how you solved it. It doesn’t matter if your business is online of offline, retailer, tradesman, service provider or whatever. It’s almost certain that you have been in a situation at some time where you were faced with a customer’s problem that was solved in such a way that it still has you smiling today. Why not share that experience with your Facebook visitors?
  1. A fun story is a great business relationship builder. Almost any business owner will have a story to tell that customers can relate to and it doesn’t always have to be about a business experience.
  1. Share a bit of your personal life. People like to get to know their preferred business owners at a personal level. Include a picture of yourself in your sidebar and don’t be afraid to talk about personal things such as the adventures of your dog or the mischief that one of your children has been up to.

It’s all about how to build business relationships Once you start getting more fans you will, without doubt, be able to generate more traffic to your sales page. My Bed & Breakfast business turned into a real success story after I changed my writing style. It was a great experience. I now apply what I’ve learned here, and in subsequent business ventures, in my Income Trigger Consulting Company. My objective is to help other new business owners understand the social media marketing hype and make it both manageable and understandable.

Just remember; for a Facebook topic that is guaranteed to win you fans you MUST mix a smile with your serious business discussions!

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