Mar 28

Why you need a good data backup system

Have you ever had your system crash on you? If not then continue reading this post about why you need a good data back up system. If you’ve already had that nasty experience then this post is still worth reading to get some tips on how to make your data recovery easier should it ever happen again.

Getting ready to write this post I did a bit of research into what people talk about when it comes to system crashes and doing  back ups. I would have expected a large number of inquiries about how to recover from a system crash but the big surprise was the huge number of people who ask “What is a backup?“. That is really scary as it indicates that there are many people who would be totally lost if this happens

Getting caught with a computer crash

Be prepared for the unexpected

The first thing to do of course is to create a good set of back ups using your system facilities and be sure to include a system image as well as a data back up. The simplest way is to get an external drive for this purpose as that will allow you to quickly recover from a crash by using your system restore facilities. A very important point to remember though is to test your back ups. There’s nothing worse than thinking that you have a good data  backup only to find that you have an inaccessible external drive or the data has been corrupted.

In addition to creating a set of standard backups using system facilities such as the Windows backup and restore found on the control panel, I would also recommend that you consider installing non-system programs on an external drive. The advantage of this is that, if your system is down for any reason, you can take that drive and run your programs from any other compatible computer without having to re-install the programs and in doing so perhaps interfere with software already  running on that computer.

This is just a brief introduction to why you need a good data backup system. More detailed posts will follow shortly. In the meantime, leave any questions in the comments section below.


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